The Realm

The Realm is the expanse of Deep Space occupied & Colonized by Alloids & Humans. It starts from Earth and resembles a Octagonal Sphere extending 16 Light years North of Earth to 100 Light years South of Earth, and 5 Light years West of Earth to 440 Light Years East of Earth. The Maximum Height of the Realm is from 0 Light years to 1000 Light years.

The Realm Consists of Stellar Clusters which are known as Sectors & each consists of central Hub which acts as the Sector Wormhole Hub.

Artificial Wormhole’s are the only form of Faster than Light Travel (FTL). This Wormholes are stable but unpredictable. The Star System of Nexus (also known as Capital Nexus) is the Central Wormhole Hub for the Entire Realm. Thus Capital Nexus is the Capital of the Realm.

This artificial Wormholes are known as ER Gateways.

The Realm is further divided into the below Sectors. Many of this sectors are old and have seen no new new Additions of star systems.

The realm roughly consists of around 1200 Colonized star systems.

List of Sectors

  1. Capital Nexus
  2. One Nation Earth
  3. Vanshaj
  4. Sector ADR
  5. Sector HEL
  6. IR Alliance
  7. Silicosis
  8. TH-Theo
  9. Trutonium
  10. Sector Fleece
  11. IXION – Mason Cloud System
  12. The Gregor
  13. Uranasia
  14. Emirax
  15. Silvers/Aryabhatt
  16. Eugene
  17. Belontron
  18. Belontron – Xen – Baen
  19. Belontron – Crystal – Sia
  20. DX – Daxaveled
  21. Biome
  22. Abu Hnaxra
  23. Cursoria
  24. Cursoria – MSME
  25. Cursoria – MSME HexaDec

The Realm has been expanding since hundred’s of thousands of year’s. It’s wormhole network centered on Capital Nexus was build by a ancient space faring civilization. The Civilization is long gone. This civilization also terraformed few of the first hundred planets. Each planet of the first group has been home to various civilizations.

The Following are the major phases of the expansion of the realm.

  • Phase 1 – 14th Century AD – 21st Century AD – the Western Skies Era
  • Phase 2 – 21st Century AD – 22nd Century AD – the ARM era
  • Phase 3 – 22nd Century AD – 32nd Century AD – the Quantum Era
  • Phase 4 – 36th Century AD – 43rd Century AD – the Quelton Era
  • Phase 5 – 43rd Century AD – Ongoing – the 5000 Planet Mission

Various factions have taken part in this expansion. Civilizations rose & fell within this thousands of years. Sometimes even different species of Humanoid’s were involved.

The realm at present does not have a single authority or government. Huge and unimaginable stellar distances as well as fickle nature of the Wormhole transit system (also known as the ER System) meant it was physically not possible to govern the Realm from one single point.

Human’s as a species have presence on multiple planets. However as interstellar communications is near impossible, it has not been possible for Humans or derived Species like Alloids to create a stable Interstellar empire.

Most of the world’s which have majority Human’s maintain a technology of Late 21st Century, thus technology on such world’s is identifiable. Technologies like cars, railways, airplanes are available. Such fantastic technology like Teleportation & FTL engines like Warp Drive etc are not available. Politics on such world’s is almost equivalent to a large degree to Earth of 21st Century. Wealth accumulation is a primary goal. Domination via Diplomacy or war is quite common.

Another technologically & Biologically modified sub-species is that of Alloids (Also known as Biotens). Biotens themselves were further subdivided into Morph’s, Silvers. There is no true Hard AI rather AI’s are known to not be compliant to their purpose hence known as Non-Compliant AI’s. However Mind Uploading or transfer of conscious is available but it is a feared technology and the resulting Beings are known as Demo’s. The technology to do so is relatively obscure. The only computer capable of doing so is considered sentient (Thus may be a true AI). Due to the mysterious nature of Brain-Wave transition and Matter-Wave transition, various microscopic quantum realms have been discovered some of which have fascinating real world applications.

A Partial list of such Quantum realm’s are given below

  • AGR – Alloid Gregor
  • ACR – Alloid Cursoria
  • ABM – Alloid Biome
  • PSD – A Realm of pure chaos, where effect may precede Cause. Time may even be absent.
  • DX – Daxaveled or the Realm of Star’s & Cosmic Phenomenon
  • Energy Sphere
  • Penal Realm’s – Realm where the most dangerous enemies & their weapon’s are stored.
  • Various Quantum laboratories.

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