The Demos

It is almost 310,000 years since Mankind has reached Technological Cutting edge (Computers, Internet etc). It has witnessed Rise of Technological Singularities, Extra-terrestrial Warfare, Rise of Artificial Intelligence’s multiple times , Catastrophic Disasters spanning whole Star Systems & Technological Dark Ages spanning Millennia and encompassing whole of the Known Space or the Extant Realm.

In the present (43rd Century CE), Technology has been rediscovered & Past understood. After much bloodshed and struggle finally a Group has decided to compile all the known information into a Library so that it is not lost again.

Even though Mankind has existed for many year’s & has been influenced by many different factor’s due to the repeated Technological Dark Ages, most advanced technologies & advancement’s have been lost.

However, after the invention of the Quantum Computer in 2110 CE and the unlock of various Quantum Realm’s has now given rise to various Sub – Species of Mankind primary among them being the Demos.

On a Very high level, this is the main division of Mankind.

  • Mankind (Homo Sapiens)
    • Human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens or The Thinking Man)
    • Alloid (Homo Sapiens Biotens)
      • The Demos
        • Past Masters
        • Quelton’s or the Planet Builder’s
        • The Quartet
      • Morph’s
      • Silvers’s or Psi-Morph