Mission of Emerstal

Mission of the Emerstal Organization is to produce collaborative Science Fiction & bring Quality stories & idea’s from the mind of it’s creators into the Platform of Internet.

Vision of Emerstal

Vision of Emerstal has always been to tell the story of today’s people, society as well as entertain the masses by using current and any future trends in technology.

History of Emerstal

Emerstal as a organization has had many plans.

Initially aimed at becoming a travel guide then a financial adviser and also a Cuisine Directory we meandered through and stumbled across many path’s.

We pivot through many other things like making a MMORPG game of the concept that we began developing a few month’s ago.

But due to a variety of constraints including Finance, Logistics we have had to pivot again.

Now we are working on a World Building Plan complete with it’s own history, setting and Politics. we would love to see your feedback’s on this.

We also maintain blogsĀ Travel, Finance, Cuisine as we have few contributors who are interested in Sharing their knowledge on this varied topics.