313, 010 B.Q

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The End of the Industrial Age marks the beginning of a new Calendar; this Calendar is not widespread rather it is official, it is build in response to the Anno Domini Calendar, many angry people dump the AD system. By the 31st Century, sturdy human settlements have grown up utilizing agriculture as the base, producing and consuming locally, independent. some hardy technology enthusiasts still use technology scraps and build radio and very basic technologies. they proclaim the beginning of One Nation Earth (ONE) – a Pan Global civilization which combines all major cultures of Earth like Western, South Asian (Indian), Asian, Latin American, Slavic (East European), African, Polynesian, Middle Eastern. this civilization is mostly on paper, as people are more involved in surviving rather than talk on topics like Politics, Technology. while majority of people scavenge, fight or survive somehow there is hardly any time to talk on stuff like philosophy, religion etc.